The 2014 NFL Regular Season is less than a month away, and this time two players arrested at the same time. Pittsburgh Steelers top two running backs Le'Veon Bell and Legarret Blount both where arrested for possession of marijuana ,after they where stop for a traffic offense. The Bell and Bell arrest marks the 172th and 173rd players to be charged in off the field incidents. The league needs to really to start to punishing teams as well as players. It seems that players have no regards for the law. It's like players feels as though laws don't apply to them. The last time I checked marijuana was not allowed by the NFL or any professional sports. It shows that these players are selfish and irresponsible. Players making millions of dollars for childhood game and some are look upon as role models, but yet can't control themselves off the field. I feel that these players should be drug tested every month. If you can't leave the recreational drug alone to perform your job, then should be suspended for a minimum of 6 games and fined $5000-$10000 complete 1000 community service hours. Roger Goodell stop playing with these players and punish them.