The San Antonio Spurs fought back in game 5. Early in the first period they where down by as many a 16. They took a 47-40 half time and never looked back. The Big 3 of Miami never showed up to play. Even with the change in starting line up. Lebron James attempted to do it all by himself. But the well executed ball play of the Spurs proved to much. After 3 periods of play , the Spurs Bench had out scored heat bench 41 to 6. Heat never founded and answer for Kawhi Leonard or Patty Mills. Lebron James was taken out of the midway through the final period of play. It's like the Heat Team gave up. C/F Chris Bosh guaranteed a Heat win tonight, it would not come to pass. The Spurs went on to beat Miami Heat 104-87. Kawhi Leonard was named NBA Final MVP.