Back in 2007 National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell instituted stricter punishment for player misconduct. The stricter punishment hasn't deterred players behavior. It seems these players think they are above the law. They know punishment will only be a few games suspension and a fine. Most players have some type of endorsement deal, so the fines and suspension don't even hurt them financially. Most even appeal to the Players Union to have the punishment reduced or postponed. Since 2010 the National Football League has had over 171 players arrested for charges ranging from Assaults to Murder. Over half of these arrest involved driving while under the influence. Several players had multiple driving offenses in 5-6 month time span. In 2010 there 57 arrest recorded. 2011 started off bad with Former Minnesota Viking Defensive End Everson Griffin being twice in a three day span. First was 1-28-2011 and then 1-31-2011. In 2012 Aldon Smith was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami FL. Former Tennessee Titan Wide Receiver Kenny Britt was arrested for DUI as he attempted to pass through a security gate at Fort Campbell Army Base in Fort Campbell Kentucky. In June 2013 saw New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez arrested and charged with murder. The Patriots later released him separating themselves from Hernandez. He was later charged with an addition count of murder. This past offseason saw five Baltimore Ravens arrested including Star Running Back Ray Rice being charged with off the field incidents. Rice was arrested for aggravated assault on his then girlfriend. He was later indicted forcing, Rice and his longtime girlfriend to get married, preventing the State of New Jersey from forcing her to testify against him. Ray Rice was facing 3 to 5 years sentence and up $150,000 fine, if she had press charges. The State of New Jersey offered Rice a lesser sentence to Pretrial Intervention (PTI) Program. After the program which about a year long, Rice can apply to have his arrest expunged. He only received a two game suspension. Ray Rice should have received at least 6-8 game suspension and 1000 hours community service assisting Domestic Violence Victims. I feel that National Football League continues to allow these players to run wild with minimum punishment. Commissioner Goodell has another opportunity to send a message when he hands down punishment to Aldon Smith who has been arrested at least 4 times dating back to January 2012.He was arrested back in 2013 for 3 count of felony possess of illegal assault weapons.He was arrested earlier this year at Los Angeles Airport for stating he had a bomb. Aldon should recieve a lifetime ban from the league. Because he has no regards for the law. In other sports players receive more severe punishment for Doping and Grambling .Their punishments range from multiple games suspensions to half season and even lifetime bans. It is time NFL get with the program and properly punishment these players.